FCCN-250 Angled 2.50mm End-Face Ferrule Cleaner


FCCN-250 is a 2.50mm end-face ferrule cleaner that has an angled adjustable head for getting into hard to reach places.

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The Jonard Tools FCCN-250 Fiber End-Face Ferrule Cleaner is designed to provide exceptional cleaning performance on fiber optic connectors. It cleans 2.5mm ferrules in recessed fiber optic adapters or individual FC, SC, or ST connectors. This cleaner features the following:

Adjustable angled head (up to 45°) is perfect for getting into hard-to-reach places
Flip-open cap makes it easy to insert connectors for cleaning
Remove cap to clean fiber in bulkhead adapters
Static-free cloth provides up to 350 swipes per cleaner
Perfect for cleaning any FC, SC, or ST connector

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Weight 0.23 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 2.5 × 1 in