Fiber Optic Fusion Splicers

Ross FiberOptic offers a selection of fusion splicers depending on your application and budget.

Call us to learn about terms like V-Groove, Active Clad Alignment, Core Alignment, and how they apply. Two of the most popular manufactures featured are Sumitomo and AFL/Fujikura. Products by other manufacturers such as Fitel are available on request.

For Long Haul Telephony, Outside Plant, and CATV – CORE ALIGNMENT fusion splicers are recommended by many because of < 0.03dB SM, average loss requirement. Two of the hot new core alignment products to check out are the Sumitomo Quantum Type Q102-CA and the FSM-70S+ from AFL

Sumitomo TYPE Q102-CA Quantum Fusion Splicer Kits

Key Features

  • Sumitomo TYPE Q102-CA Quantum Fusion Splicer Kits:
  • Splicing 5s, Heating 9s
  • Splicing loss SMF 0.01dB (Typical)
  • High speed dual independent heaters
  • Touch optimized user interface
  • Proven Field Toughness
  • Long life battery for 300 Splice and Heat Cycles

Ross Fiber Optic is a USA Authorized Sumitomo Reseller and in addition may provide sales demos, fusion splicer kits with low arc count, and factory warranty at reduced prices.

AFL-70S+ Fusion Splicer

Key features

  • Automatic and fully programmable wind protection
  • 13 second tube heater
  • High capacity lithium ion battery pack (200splices/shrinks)
  • Multi-Function transit case with built in workstation
  • Bluetooth wireless communications

Ross FiberOptic provides AFL products from USA authorized AFL master distributors

Note: All fusion splicers sold by Ross FiberOptic are obtained from authorized USA sales channels, have USA serial numbers and can be factory serviced in the USA.

Please call 800-353-0886 to purchase a fusion splicer.